Information in accordance with the law no.6698 personal data law.

Your personal data, Site Tourism Trade Construction and Industry Corporation with the capacity of the data officer, It is processed as described below under appropriate by Sürmeli Hotel(“ Hotel”) in accordance with the law no.6698 personal data law.

The purposes for which personal data will be processed:
Your personal data, fulfilling our legal obligations as a hotel, your room reservations managing your accommodation requests, in this context receive of payments and creating legal documents in accordance with the accounting standards and storage, existing and future legal resolution of the conflicts drag that may, wishes to provide a personalized service scheme better understanding , managing the general record-keeping, making the guest satisfaction survey, adapting our services to meet your needs in this context, stay ahead of, during and after managing relationships with our guests, ensuring security at the locations of the hotel, performing statistical reports, It is processed by the hotel guests with the purpose of identifying the profile.

Processing the personal data may be transferred to whom and for what purpose:
Your personel data, you will be offered a full and timely provision of services in order to fulfill our legal and regulatory obligations, carry the same responsibilities as legal and technical us about data security, hotel on behalf of data-processing research, promotion and consulting services that will be covered by the company and personal data to the extent authorized by law to follow the hotel where it is needed with public institutions and organizations.

The method of collecting personal data and legal reasons:
Your personal data, services provided by the hotel, but vary depending on the product or business; be clearly provided for in the laws, the establishment of a contract or perform directly with the necessary collection and processing of personal data of the parties to the contract provided that it relates to the right, the legal framework of the services offered by the hotel can be presented full and on time and being available legal obligations of the hotels in this context in order to fulfill completely and correctly and that legal reason acquired personal data is collected by partially or fully automated with or without other various collection methods, including oral and written and electronic media.

The rights enumerated in Article 11 of the law gives owners:
In accordance with Article 11 of the law as the owner of your personal data, written or personal data protection board set by referring to the hotel with other methods, learning has been processed your personal data has been processed personal data to request this information ,, if personal data are processed, the processing purpose of your personal data and appropriate to their purpose learning that the use of use, if personal data are transferred to third parties, except in Turkey and abroad, your personal data transferred to knowing third parties, your personal data is missing or incorrect finished possible if do not want them corrected and did not want to notify a third party that the transfer of personal data processing carried out in this context, your personal data laws and Despite being processed in accordance with the relevant provisions of other laws,If the elimination of the cause of the processing request removal or destruction of personal data, and in this regard the transactions of personal data transferred does not want to notify third parties, be analyzed by automated systems exclusively of processed data to object to appear against you by the personal.

To exercise your rights above the law with the necessary information for detecting your identity Article 11 in your request with your explanation for your right you want to use from the rights hotel "http: I" located on the website from the field "Data responsible application form" the full and complete form filling, originally signed a copy of the form "Prof.Dr.Bülent Tercer Sok. No: 3 Gayrettepe-Istanbul-Turkey" address, can transmit the obtained in person, you can send by other means specified in or by the law notary.

Your request contained in your application, depending on the nature of your request as soon as possible and at the latest within thirty days will be finalized by the hotel free of charge. However, if the show is also a cost for the operation of the hotel, personal data protection will be charged the tariff set by the board.

103.10.2018 date and 30356 numbered "data notification about responsible to the application procedures and principles" in accordance with, data owners, the claim under the law specified in the law, Article 11, in writing or registered e-mail (KEP) address, a secure electronic signature, mobile signature or data previously reported by the owners of the hotel and the hotel is owned by an improved system or application software for the purpose, or by application to use the e-mail address on file.

203.10.2018 date and 30356 numbered and published in the official newspaper "responsible to give notification about application procedures and principles" in accordance with, data has to be given a written response to the application, will not be charged up to ten pages. 1 Turkish Lira transaction fee for each page on the ten pages can be. The answer to the application CD will be requested by the hotel in the case of a recording medium such as flash memory fees can not exceed the cost of the recording medium.

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